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Tune In to Movearoo TV Partners

Get the excitement of live TV with the convenience of DVR and mobile viewing.

Movearoo TV Providers Near Me

We proudly partner with these top TV providers to bring you news and entertainment 24/7.

  • Up to 340+ channels via satellite

  • Available nationwide 

  • Service via satellite or internet

  • Up to 290+ channels

  • Available nationwide 

  • Service via satellite

  • Up to 425+ channels

  • Available in 33 metros

  • Service via fiber network

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The Leader in Sports TV

With more regional sports networks than any provider^, DIRECTV puts out-of-market games in reach . Join DIRECTV and add RSNs to catch season after season of the games you don’t want to miss. Plus, with news, movies, and children’s programming on up to 340+ channels, there’s something for everyone in the house.

  • 2-year price guarantee

  • Genie DVR capacity of 200 HD hours or unlimited with Gemini

  • Mobile viewing on the DIRECTV app^^

^Compared to cable, Dish and most streaming providers. RSNs avail. with CHOICE package or higher. Availability of RSNs varies by ZIP code and package.

Claim based on offering of Nat’l and Regional Sports Networks. RSNs avail. with CHOICE package or higher. Availability of RSNs varies by ZIP code and package.

^^Available only in the U.S. (excl. Peurto Rico and U.S.V.I.). Not all channels available to stream. Limited to up to 3 concurrent streams. Restr's apply. Visit directv.com/app for more information.

dish interface on a tv


The Leader in DVR Power

The Hopper 3 has long offered stunning picture resolution, up to 500 HD storage hours, and a voice remote with remote finder — not to mention AutoHop® commercial skips^, Multi-view streaming for game days, and more. Call 1-855-556-0821 today to learn about these and other reasons to be a DISH customer.

  • 2-year TV price guarantee

  • FREE installation as soon as tomorrow in up to six rooms

  • 100% of your live and recorded TV viewable on DISH Anywhere app

^Commercial skip feature is available at varying times, starting the day after airing, for select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime.

**Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device.

family watching Verizon Fios TV together


The Leader in Fiber Reliability

Just like Fios internet, Verizon Fios TV runs on one of the only 100% fiber networks in the industry — and it’s the only broadcast TV service available from a fiber provider. Call today to learn more about these and other reasons to be a Verizon TV customer.

  • Fios TV Test Drive offers 425+ channels

  • DVR packages up to 200 HD hours

  • First set-top box included*

*Charges for additional set top
boxes are as follows: 2 set top
boxes $12.00/mo; 3 set-top
boxes $24.00/mo; 4 set-top
boxes $30.00/mo.; 5 set-top
boxes $36.00/mo.; 6 set-top
boxes $42.00/mo; 7 or more set-top
boxes $48.00/mo. Plus taxes and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best TV providers near me?

That depends on how you define “best.” If you need somewhere to start your search, check with the team here at Movearoo. Our TV partners DIRECTV, DISH, and Verizon may offer TV service in your area, each with pricing, channel packages, and cost savings that could make them the “best” TV provider near you.

Shop DIRECTV, Verizon Fios TV, and DISH TV packages on movearoo.com now or call 1-855-556-0821 for help finding the right internet and TV providers for your new life.

What should I consider when choosing a TV provider after moving?

With Movearoo, you can choose a TV provider near you before your move! If you find yourself behind the curve, e.g., with internet but no TV provider, consider these tips after your move:

  • If an important deadline is approaching, e.g., game day, choose a provider with a fast installation turnaround. DISH installs as soon as the day after you place your order, and installation is FREE in up to 6 rooms.

  • If you’ve moved from a rural to urban area, consider that satellite dishes may not work in a crowded area. Verizon Fios and now DIRECTV offer TV packages without a satellite dish, provided you have high-speed internet to support live streaming.

  • If you’re renting your new place, double-check that (a) you don’t already get TV service in your rent package and (b) you’re allowed to mount a satellite dish if needed.

Can I transfer my current TV service to my new address?

It depends on whether your current provider serves your new area. Movearoo’s satellite partners DISH and DIRECTV, available nationwide, make it easy to transfer your service to a new address. Verizon Fios TV is available in fewer areas, so you’ll need to call first to ask about transferring service.

How does Movearoo help me find TV providers near me?

Movearoo partners with two nationwide TV providers, DISH and DIRECTV, giving you access to public and premium TV programming wherever you move.

Movearoo also partners with Verizon Fios TV, which offers premium TV services on a 100% fiber network in 33 American metros. 

Call Movearoo at 1-855-556-0821 today to find TV packages at your new address.

What if I'm not sure which TV provider near me is best?

To choose the best TV provider near you, get as specific as you can about what you want from your TV service. If all providers sound equally good, consider comparing plans and not the overall providers. These tips can help, or you can ask a Movearoo agent for help at 1-855-556-0821.

  • Rule out packages above your price range.

  • Compare cost savings such as monthly price over time, waived fees, and new-customer promotions.

  • Compare DVR storage, picture resolution, equipment capabilities, etc.

  • Write down your favorite channels or must-have content and find out which packages include them.

How soon can I set up TV services after moving with Movearoo?

With Movearoo, you don’t have to wait until you move to set up TV services. The best time to order new service is about one week before your move date, but you may be able to order even earlier. Movearoo also partners with internet, home phone, and home security providers so you can get more of your utilities in order all at once.

Call Movearoo at 1-855-556-0821 to get bundle recommendations, ask about specific plans and providers, and schedule installations at your new address.