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Get Home Phone Service Near You

Let us help you move your current home phone service or find new service at your new address.

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Movearoo Partners with These Local Home Phone Service Providers

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  • Unlimited nationwide calling

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

  • 3-way calling

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  • Unlimited nationwide calling

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

  • Voicemail

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  • Unlimited local, regional, and long-distance calling

  • Caller ID

  • Spam alerts

  • Spam blocking

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  • Unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calling

  • Call waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Spam call alert

Step 1

Talk to an agent

Give us a call to learn about home phone plans in your area. We can help you transfer your current service or find a new plan serving your new address.

Step 2

Choose a plan

Once our agent outlines options in your area, choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Step 3

Schedule installation

After choosing the plan that works for you, set up an installation time that works with your busy moving schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a home phone service?

By ordering online or speaking to an agent, signing up for landline home phone service with one of our partner providers only takes a few minutes. Depending on your location and the provider you choose, either self-installation or professional installation will be required; you can schedule your installation when you speak to an agent or order online and get more information at that time.

Can I bundle my home phone service with other services (internet, cable)?

Yes. Not only can you bundle home phone services with internet and/or TV service, many providers require an internet connection with the company to set up home phone service. Find out what bundles are available at your new address by entering it in the field higher on the page.

What happens if I move to a new location? Can I transfer my home phone service?

If you move to a new location, follow the steps outlined above—check availability, choose a plan, talk to an agent. Depending on where you move, you may be able to keep the plan you have with your current provider, or you may need to work with a different provider. Moving to the same metro area, you can usually keep the same phone number, but a new phone number may be required if you move to a different city or state.