Top 50 Moving Guides

Moving doesn't have to be so overwhelming or time consuming, if you know where to look.

There are plenty of resources to help online, but to save you the trouble of an arduous search, the team of moving experts at has gathered all the best moving resources into one place.

Guides with Moving Tips

Focusing on big picture items during your move can cause you to forget the small stuff – like unscrewing the light bulbs from your lamps when you pack them. Fortunately there's plenty of moving tips out there to make sure you remember every thing at every stage.

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    Angie's List: 6 Tips for Moving Out of State Angie's List™ removes the anxiety from moving out of state with this insightful list of ideas, whether you plan to move yourself or want to hire a professional.

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    Two Men and A Truck: Best Moving Tips Two Men and a Truck provide some great tips on their Best Moving Tips page, but what makes the list truly great are the best questions to ask when interviewing moving companies.

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    All State: Top Ten Moving Tips and Tricks Allstate's top 10 tips provide some tremendously useful ideas, like setting up a designated packing room and throwing a reverse housewarming party to get rid of any unwanted items.

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    U-Pack 30 Best Moving TipsWho better to get advice from than time-tested, professional movers like U-Pack? They provide insightful tips about relocation trailers and “relocubes” in this Top 30 Moving Tips list.

  • 46. Tips for A Smooth MoveThis guide has seriously insightful tips that you can print off and keep on hand during the move. The advice, from, covers how to protect valuables and memories during the move, along with a list of bare essentials to keep with you on moving day.

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    Move for Hunger: 19 Best Moving Tips Move For Hunger's Moving Tips list helps make your move easier with essential tips, tricks, and hacks every mover needs to know, including what to do with unwanted food items.

Guides with Packing Tips

Proper packing techniques go a long way towards keeping your valuables from getting damaged – and makes unpacking a breeze too. To help with your packing and unpacking process, here's the best suggestions the internet has to offer for saving space and making everything easier.

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    imove: How to Pack and Move Your House takes you through an interactive tour of your home, providing everything you need to know about how to move some of the more unusual, bulky, and unique items you may have.

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    Atlas Vans: How to Pack for A MoveA stellar list of what materials you'll need for the move. Atlas breaks down the best way to pack a number of items: bedding, grills, appliances, and perishable foods to name a few.

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    Allied Van Lines: Packing Guide Allied Van Lines knows moving, and they know what it takes to pack up anything and everything, including the nursery, hobby room, appliances, and even what to do with items you can't transport.

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    Public Storage: Tips for Packing eBook [PDF] Public Storage ® put together this creative and funny eBook in PDF format, full of their top twenty packing tips.

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    U-Haul: Packing Tips Video SeriesTired of reading articles and checklists? Check out U-Haul's video series about packing. They have videos on topics like how to move dishes or flat screen TVs and how to properly use a forearm forklift.

  • 39. Nine Tips To Safely Pack Your Valuables Real Simple shares their best ideas on how to best pack boxes like the moving pros. What makes this list unique are the sections on how to move fine art and the materials list.

  • 38. Packing 101: Tips about Packing for FreeThis article is perfect for the DIY mover. There are three main sections about finding free boxes, acquiring free packing and moving materials, and not wasting space when you pack all your stuff up.

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    U-Pack's Top Loading Tips U-Pack delivers a complete guide to loading your belongings for safe and secure travel. Included are tips for preparing to load, loading your belongings, and protecting yourself in the process.

  • 36. Comparing Top 8 Container CompaniesThis article provides you with information to compare and contrast the top moving container companies. This is a great place to start if you?re interested in all the packing and none of the driving.

Guides to Moving Supplies

Protect your furniture, reduce your risk of injury, and ensure that you've got absolutely everything you need for the move. Here are the resources you need to make sure you've got everything covered.

Moving Checklists

From moving into (or out of) a dorm, to covering everything you have to remember on moving day, here are the most relevant checklists for your moving needs. Many of these lists are printable or offer mobile versions too, so you can manage your list anywhere you are on the go.

  • 31. Dorm Room Checklist - What to Bring to CollegeExcited for college but not sure what you'll need to bring for your new dorm? Dorm Smart has put together the perfect checklist for campus living.

  • 30. Complete Moving Checklist Mayflower's Moving Checklist is a complete guide covering everything you need to remember for the 2 months leading up to the big day. The checklist also includes great tips about how to prevent loss or damage of your belongings during delivery day.

  • 29. Moving Checklist and TimelinePlanning a move early can make it go easier when the time comes to actually get started. That's why Bekins started this moving timeline for 3 months out from the big day. Each stage of the moving process outlined in the checklist has very detailed tips on how to get the most out of your planning.

  • 28. Moving Checklist Planner [PDF] SquawkFox breaks down the key steps to preparing for your move with an easily printable list. Chances are this list will remind you of a few things to do that you hadn't already considered.

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    HGTV: Moving ChecklistThe experts in home décor and design are pretty good when it comes to helping you move too. HGTV approaches their list in categories, from the move, to documents, to your family and pets.

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    PODS: Home Staging ChecklistStill looking to sell your old place? Proper home staging is crucial to getting buyers interested. PODS shares their insights in this comprehensive home staging checklist.

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    imove Moving Checklist imove's moving checklist includes items you'd miss in other checklists, making your move more enjoyable and efficient. Plus, it provides the option to check items off right in the browser and return to them later.

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    Apartment Guide Blog: Apartment Guide Moving ChecklistThis Apartment Guide checklist is a huge list of tips organized for every step of the moving process. Included in the checklist are two sections for moving day: one for moving-out tips and another for moving-in.

Moving Guides

Step-by-step moving guides give you in-depth info on what to expect during each phase of your move. Here's a list of websites with simple guides on how to make your move less complex.

Guides for Budgeting a Move

Keep your move on schedule and under budget with these hand-selected guides.

Guides for Organizing a Move

Being able to effectively organize your things – while packing or unpacking – is essential to making the move go quickly and painlessly. The following, hand-picked websites have some of the most helpful techniques for keeping yourself, and your stuff, better organized during a move.

Guides to DIY Moving

DIY moves save tons of money, and they don't need to be hard just because you're tackling things on your own. Use these DIY moving tips keep your move simple, safe, and affordable.

  • 6. Do It Yourself Moving shares this story of a couple and all their best DIY secrets. They did everything themselves and provide advice for anyone looking to do the same.

  • 5. Moving Yourself TipsDo it yourself doesn't mean going it alone. Get time and money-saving tips as well as packing advice for your big move – courtesy of Home Advisor.

  • 4. The ABC's of DIY Moving Wise Bread gives their top eight DIY moving tips to help take the hassle and any fear out of the moving process.

  • 3. Tips for DIY MovingHere's some good DIY moving advice if you plan on renting a moving truck. CashMoneyLife's list goes in depth about how to get the right size truck for the job.

  • 2. 6 Tips for DIY MovingLooking to move for free or even make a profit? DIY Natural gives great advice about how to find materials on the cheap and how to sell old items before your move to do just that.

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    BuzzFeed: Brilliant Moving Tips In classic BuzzFeed fashion, this list explores some lesser known, but no less brilliant ideas to making your DIY move easier, complete with pictures and a little bit of humor.

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