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We’ve partnered with Allied Van Lines to get you the most accurate quote for your move. An experienced Allied agent will work with you to offer moving options that fit your lifestyle and budget.

How it works

Once they have a better idea of what you need, an Allied agent will call you to arrange an in-home quote. An in-home quote provides both you and the moving company with the most accurate price you can expect for your move. Based on your needs and budget, your moving agent will show you options they think best fits your situation and get you started on the moving process.

To get started on your moving quote, Allied’s knowledgeable moving agents will ask for some details about your planned move, such as:

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Where you will be moving to

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The size of the home you are moving out of

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When you plan to start your move

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Things to consider when getting a moving quote

Because every moving company is different, here are a few points you may want to cover before you commit to anything.
  • Ask about the number of movers that will be assigned to your move

  • Check out referrals from family and friends

  • Inquire about possible discounts you may qualify for

  • Create an inventory of the items being moved

  • Be clear on the moving deposit policy, and whether or not it is refundable

  • Find out about any hourly minimums the company may have

  • Be clear on how the moving process is billed

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