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Planning a move

Helpful reminders and organizational tips

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Take stock of what you have before you pack it all away

What to do in the months and weeks leading up to your move


It’s everyone’s least favorite part of a move. But it doesn’t have to ruin an otherwise exciting time. Here are some in-depth resources to help you organize the packing process:

  • How to Pack and Move Your House
    Advice on packing every room of your house

  • Movearoo Moving Checklist
    Cleaning, packing, and unpacking checklists

Rental Trucks

Unfortunately, not everything you own will fit into the back of your car. And if you don’t own a truck (or are close friends with someone who does), you’ll probably need to pick up a rental truck. If you go this route, here are a few things to consider:

  • Check with your car insurance company. See if you are covered for rental vehicles, especially one as big as a moving truck. If you aren’t covered, rental insurance can usually be purchased when you rent the truck. Either way, make sure you are protected.

  • Inspect the rental truck before you leave the lot. You don’t want to be liable for dings and dents you didn’t cause, so do a once-over of the vehicle before you drive away.

  • Be aware of your new size. Driving a moving truck is vastly different than driving your everyday vehicle. So check your speed, watch your passing distance, and generally use extra caution.

Budget® Truck Rental is an affordable option to consider when moving. Their trucks come in three different sizes and feature helpful additions like loading ramps and towing capabilities, depending on the truck size you choose. Plus, when you rent from Budget you can add protection insurance for things like physical damage, cargo protection, and roadside assistance. If you need a reliable way to get your move done right, check out Budget Truck Rental.

For more insight into rental trucks, check out this helpful article with
Safety Tips for Driving a Moving Truck


Love it, don’t leave it! If you can’t fit your grandfather’s favorite armchair into your new house, store it with a convenient self-storage unit. And if you need a little extra space in your new place while you settle in or remodel, renting a storage unit is an affordable solution. Check out the deals from our partner, Extra Space Storage ® . Extra Space Storage has been solving America's storage needs for 30 years.

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