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From traveling to a new location to packing to reconnecting your home services—relocating to a new city can take a toll. Movearoo is here to help! You’ll learn about Ardmore’s most reliable TV and Internet providers that are offering the best deals. Plus, when you partner with Movearoo, you’ll have at your disposal tips, guide books, and checklists to help take the stress out of moving. Let Movearoo help you, and say goodbye to the financial and logistical anxiety you might have otherwise.

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Finding a TV Provider in Ardmore, OK

Between the variety of TV and movies available nowadays and the numerous ways that you can enjoy that entertainment, finding something to watch should be easy for virtually everyone in Oklahoma. These days, Ardmore residents can easily watch their favorite shows online—provided that you sign up for a TV service that offers the necessary features. Fortunately, Movearoo can help you track down a TV provider that offers all the features that allow you to:

  • Enjoy the thousands of programming options on Netflix—from original series like House of Cards to your favorite feature films and documentaries
  • Stream both popular classic movies like The Lord of the Rings and recent releases
  • Get faster download speeds than Mbps (the average for most Ardmore residents)

Moving to Ardmore

If you’re looking for a new place to live, it’s understandable to want all the facts about your new city before you move. Crime rates, job market stats, and population growth, for instance, should all be taken into account before you commit to buy or rent in a new area.

We’ve compiled some detailed information on a few things you might be wondering about Ardmore:

  • The average household income among Ardmore residents is $38807
  • The percentage of Ardmore residents who are unemployed currently stands at 6.10%, putting Ardmore above the national average of 5.5%
  • The number of jobs in Ardmore has recently grown by -1.98%
  • There were 0 violent crimes reported in Ardmore last year
  • The percentage of people working from home in Ardmore is around 2.60%
  • Around 9.80% of Ardmore residents are self-employed