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From traveling to a new location to packing to reconnecting your home services—relocating to a new city can take a toll. Let Movearoo help you out! You’ll get the scoop on the most dependable Bethesda TV and Internet providers that are offering the best deals. Plus, when you partner with Movearoo, you’ll have at your disposal tips, guide books, and checklists to help take the stress out of moving. Let Movearoo help you, and say goodbye to the financial and logistical anxiety you might have otherwise.

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Finding a TV Provider in Bethesda, MD

Missing your favorite show on TV or not catching the latest blockbuster on the big screen is a thing of the past. Now Maryland residents can watch top movies and TV programming right from their living rooms. Thanks to online streaming, finding your favorite shows and great new releases is a breeze. You just need a provider that can deliver the high-tech features and options your Bethesda home needs. That’s where Movearoo comes in. We help you determine which TV providers allow you to:

  • Enjoy the thousands of programming options on Netflix—from original series like Marvel’s Daredevil to your favorite feature films and documentaries
  • Stream anything from recent releases to classics like Fight Club
  • Get an Internet connection that’s faster than the Bethesda average of Mbps

Moving to Bethesda

Moving is quite an undertaking, and finding a new home can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. As you try to make the right decision for your family, there’s a lot that you should be thinking about. How safe is your new city? What are the current crime rates and trends? Is the city growing? Does the area offer enough jobs in your industry?

To understand Bethesda better, take a look at some information we tracked down:

  • People who live in Bethesda have an average income of $42313
  • Bethesda’s unemployment rate is 5.40%. To put that into perspective, the national average is 5.5%, putting Bethesda below the usual trend
  • Job availability is increasing in Bethesda by -2.42%
  • Bethesda reported 5 violent crimes occurring this past year
  • Close to 3.00% of the city's population work from home
  • 2.80% of the residents of Bethesda are self-employed