5 Local Secrets You Need to Know About Portland

By Jess Hutton


Relocating to a new city is stressful, but it’s a whole lot easier with a little inside information. You may be new to Portland, but that’s no reason to sit on the sidelines. We’ve delved into the local Portland scene and uncovered five must-have resources to help you feel at home and blend in like you’ve lived there forever.

1. PDX Pipeline

There is no better way to get your finger on the pulse of Portland than through the PDX Pipeline. This comprehensive online resource started in 2005 as a place for people to connect with local events, music, and other cool Portland info.

Photo by Sam Churchill/Flickr

In the past eight years the site has promoted more than 10,000 events and specials throughout the city. If you’re looking for something to do tonight or in a month when your bestie comes to visit, this is the first resource you should check. They even have a free app you can download so you’ll never be out the loop again.

2. Valentines

Impress all your new friends (and out-of-town guests) by taking them to this out-of-the-way local treasure. Valentines is like a modern-day speakeasy — and with seating for around 40 people you’ll want to get there early or wear comfy shoes.

This is a great spot to catch live music, film screenings, poetry readings, and delicious food and drinks. If it gets too crowded inside or your ears need a break you can step outside into the cobblestone alley and catch your breath under twinkling string lights and Portland’s night sky.

3. Farmers’ Markets

Don’t get stressed about braving the crowded Saturday Market downtown. You can find fresh produce and the work of local artisans in one of more than 20 farmers’ markets throughout the city. Chances are there’s one right in your neighborhood — and it won’t be overrun with tourists.

Photo by Mack Male/Flickr

This listing of local markets lets you know where markets are happening and on which days. You’ll be able to find local goods nearly every day of the week with this comprehensive guide to Portland farmers’ markets.

4. KPSU Portland’s College Radio

Learn about local music and find out when all the cool bands are coming to town by tuning in to the Portland State University radio station. Weekly shows that feature different genres of music are a mainstay, and you’re sure to find one that tickles your musical fancy.

Its website is highly interactive and makes it easy to chat with DJs, make requests, or browse through podcasts and in-studio video clips. KPSU is also a great way to connect with community events — and since it is completely student-run and nonprofit, you can make new friends by supporting the station as a volunteer.

5. Edible Portland

Portland has become well known for its fastidious culinary tastes. Stay in the know with this foodie magazine that celebrates locally grown and produced foods. There’s no better resource for learning about nearby sustainable farms and the markets and restaurants that support them.

The magazine and website provide information on upcoming events, seasonal recipes, and an insider’s view of uniquely Portland issues such as urban livestock. If you want to eat like a local, be sure to check out “Edible Portland” on a regular basis.

There’s no way to eliminate all the headaches that come with a move, but knowing a few insider secrets can make your adjustment easier. Take advantage of these Portland resources and start enjoying the rich culture of your new hometown.

Featured image by Stuart Seeger/Flickr