5 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen

By Clair Jones

organized-kitchen-island Finding kitchen harmony may be easier than you think. We’ve collected these handy ways to cut back on clutter and help you breathe easier:

1. Toss It! Donate It! We Promise You Won’t Miss It

The first step in de-cluttering your kitchen is to get rid of unnecessary or broken appliances, duplicate utensils, and expired food and dry goods. It’s amazing how much of your valuable kitchen space is being stolen by these items. While it may seem scary to get rid of four of your eight spatulas (if you can use eight spatulas at once, by all means keep them!), think of how much more drawer space you’ll have when they’re gone. How about that broken blender that you swear you’re going to have fixed one of these days? Odds are you’ll never remember, and it will collect dust in a corner for years. kitchen-clutter-tips Photo from CraftPerspective Fill a box with these odds and ends, and donate them to a local charity. Not only will you feel great about all the new space you’ve freed up, but you’ll also get to feel great about your items going toward a good cause.

2. Store Vertically to Maximize Space

If you’re struggling with limited storage, try using vertical storage to maximize the surface area of cabinets, pantries, and countertops. Invest in an expandable pot rack that adjusts to fit your needs, a fold-down dish rack that collapses when it’s not in use, or a wall-mounted wine rack that won’t take up counter space. kitchen-vertical-storage Photo from Tapas Lifestyle Also stretch space in your cabinets and pantry by hanging door-mounted storage racks. You can effectively double your usable space by storing things vertically, and it usually looks much more appealing to boot.

3. Purchase Items with Multiple Uses

Smart design plays a major role in cutting down on the amount of items you need when cooking, baking, or entertaining. Instead of purchasing ho-hum kitchen tools with only one use, invest in innovative multi-purpose tools that take up less space. While multi-tools may cost a bit more, they are worth every penny, and will impress your friends.kitchen-spatula-tool Photo from Core77.com Here are some of our favorites: Click n’ Cook Modular Spatula and Utensil System Bar10der All-in-one Bartending Tool Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

4. Downsize Your Dishes and Silverware

Most people have way more place-settings than they will ever use, and the extra plates, bowls, cups, and silverware are taking up a huge amount of space. How many people do you usually have over for dinner at once? Could you use paper plates and plastic utensils when you throw a party, or could you store your extra plates and silverware outside of the kitchen when you aren’t having a get-together? Unless you happen to be Martha Stuart, having more than eight place-settings readily available in your kitchen is unnecessary. kitchen-hanging-mugs Photo from Moe, at Five Sixteenths Blog If you just can’t get over the separation anxiety, try saving cabinet space by installing hooks in an inconspicuous spot to hang mugs and utensils. You’ll save bunches of dish drainer space by being able to hang your dishes to air-dry immediately after you wash them, and you’ll save room in your cabinets. And the more interesting or patterned your mugs are, the more they add a bit of color and personality to your kitchen.

5. Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Use drawer organizers to sort utensils and silverware, and even to categorize plates, bowls, and glasses. They are available pre-made in a myriad of sizes, or you can even make your own from scratch if you’re feeling crafty. kitchen-wire-organizer Photo from TheKitchn.com Use wire shelving in cabinets and the pantry to maximize vertical space, and you’ll have twice as much surface area to store food or dishes. De-cluttering your kitchen may seem intimidating, but you can re-claim the function and beauty of your kitchen with these 5 tips for cutting the mess and staying organized.