9 Ingenious Storage Solutions that Are Easy on Your Budget

By Jess Hutton

bakeware-storage Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes from having an uncluttered and organized home: not only does it look better, but you can also feel at ease knowing that every item has its place. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a three-story mansion, these clever storage ideas can help you maximize your space without costing you a fortune. Tip: Before you start revamping your storage, walk through your home and gather items you no longer need. Take them to a donation center or sell them at a yard sale and use the money you earn to buy a few of the storage solutions we suggest.

1. Add functional entryway furniture.

A few simple pieces can transform an unruly entryway into one that’s attractive and tidy. Buy or make a bench and place bins underneath it to store shoes and bags. Then install hooks on the wall behind the bench to hang coats, dog leashes, or other items that tend to clutter your entryway. storage-entryway-furniture Photo from Remodelista.com

2. Install shelving.

Shelving is a low-budget, easy way to increase your home’s storage. Consider hanging shelves behind the kitchen sink, in closets, or around the perimeter of a room. If installing shelves isn’t an option, buy a corner shelving unit or a cube bookcase to keep your things out of the way. storage-high-shelf-design Photo from CondeNast.co.uk

3. Use plastic storage containers in the kitchen.

Free up space in your kitchen pantry by using clear plastic containers to store dry goods like pasta, cereal, and sugar. In the refrigerator, use stackable containers for leftovers. Be sure the containers are food-safe and have a good seal.

4. Max out upper cabinet space.

Many kitchens have a set of cabinets that are hard to reach and don’t get used. Fill these cabinets with things you rarely need, such as vases or china, and free up space in easy-to-reach cabinets.

5. Make use of the oven.

The oven is an ideal place to keep pots, pans, serving platters, and more — just don’t put anything in there that will be damaged if you accidentally leave it in while the oven is hot. If you prefer to keep your items in a cupboard, use a bakeware organizer to maximize space.

6. Buy dual-purpose furniture.

Furniture that can be used for storage keeps your things out of sight and organized and also saves floor space. Consider using a trunk as a coffee table, adding baskets to a bookcase that doubles as a room divider, or buying a storage ottoman. storage-ottoman-furniture Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

7. Take advantage of the space under your bed.

From seasonal clothing to childhood mementos, the space under your bed is perfect for storing a variety of items. Buy boxes designed to fit this space or fill your suitcases with the things you want to hide away. For even more storage, elevate your bed with risers or purchase a bed frame that offers built-in drawers.

8. Incorporate baskets and bins.

Baskets and bins can declutter your home while also adding to its décor. Use them to store and organize everything from office supplies to linens. storage-bathroom-baskets Photo from SheKnows.com

9. Don’t forget the backs of doors.

Add a rack to the back of a kitchen cabinet door to keep spices handy, or use one to store cleaning supplies out of sight but within easy reach. In the bathroom, use an over-the-door organizer to keep toiletries and styling tools off the bathroom counter. Now that we’ve shared some of the easiest and most affordable ways to maximize your home’s storage space, we want to hear from you.