How to Find a Home Far, Far Away

By Jess Hutton

moving-donations-cleaning Have you ever dreamed of that perfect house in a landscape you love in a location far, far away from where you are right now? Fortunately for you, finding that dream home has gotten much easier, thanks to social media and sophisticated search engines. We’ve rounded up a few tips to help you locate the home of your dreams in whatever far-off locale you’re moving to:

1. Use Online Home Search Tools

There are a host of home search tools available. When looking at different search tools available in different countries, however, certain standouts emerge. For home searches within the United States, Zillow is the most popular tool. It allows you to search home listings by neighborhood and price, view walkability ratings, as well as research local schools and cultural amenities. If you’re searching internationally, you’ll need to do some digging to find the appropriate search tool for your location. Many people in Canada use and Zoopla is a popular tool in the U.K. If possible, ask people who live in the country what the best search tool is best. moving-far-away-mountains Photo by Niclas Rhein/Flickr

2. Find a Local Realtor

You may be able to get by without a realtor when house hunting in your own city, but having one when searching from a distance is going to be a lifesaver. Realtors rely on connections, community knowledge, and deep ties to the neighborhoods where they work to aid in your home search process. Finding one you can trust in your destination is more than worth the investment. Just be sure to keep up regular communication. The more your realtor knows about what you are looking for, the better home recommendations you’ll receive.

3. Connect with Friends on Social Media

Whether you’re moving to London, Kentucky; London, England; or Antipodes Island, chances are you can find connections there through social media. You may find friends of friends who live in your chosen destination and who can offer tips on neighborhoods, typical home prices, and things to avoid. Or you may be able to find a group that is for people new to the area that offers the tips you’re looking for. No matter what it is, or what platform you engage with this information, the digital social world is a great resource. If you don’t have many far-flung friends, try some of the expatriate forums. You can ask questions to people living in the exact location you’re considering moving to, and you might make a friend in the process! moving-far-away-city Photo by Barbara Willi/Flickr

4. Take Virtual Tours

When you’re trying to decide if you like a space, you don’t necessarily have to shell out the money to travel to see it in person. All you really need is a realtor, an Internet connection, and a Skype account. Check with your realtor to see if they’d be willing to give you a virtual tour of listings they think are right for you, or if you can find any already online. Once you’ve seen the living space, check out the neighborhood using the Street View feature of Google Maps. Using this, you can stroll down the street and take in the surroundings just as though you were there in person.

5. Schedule Your In-Person Tours All at Once

Once you find places you like through the digital space, it’s time to go check them out in person. Working with your realtor, narrow down your prospects to a handful of locations, then try to schedule a series of tours on the same day. Cheap Nike Trainers UK This will save you the hassle and expense of scheduling multiple trips to see separate houses. moving-far-away-country Photo by Adrian Snood/Flickr Searching for a house far away can be easier than you think. By using online tools, finding local connections, and seeking the help of a realtor, your cross-country move can be as simple as if you were just going across the street.