How to Defeat the Space-Eaters in Your Home

By Christine DiMaria

Monstrous Mail

There are little monsters hiding in the corners of your home, in your closet and even in plain sight. No, they’re not the monsters that kept you awake as a child. These hideous creatures are known as space eaters. They munch up area in your home and devour it, leaving you with a cluttered home or nowhere to put the rest of your belongings. You can ward off these burdensome beasts using the right equipment, some ingenuity, and organization secrets!

1. Shoes Taking Up Space on the Floor

Whether it’s an array of stunning high heels and designer footwear or a pile of flip flops and worn out tennis shoes, having shoes spread across the floor is not stylish in your home. Strap on your cape to defeat these monsters by purchasing a cubbyhole storage unit. You could also make room in a pantry or unused cabinet. If you’re still losing the battle over floor space, try using a thick wall-mounted shelf to hang high heels by using the ledge to hang them.

2. Mail on the Counter

This gruesome beast makes your kitchen look disorganized and cluttered. Rescue your counter space with a wall-mounted mail organizer. You could also use a mesh mail organizer on your desk or even neatly organize your mail in an accordion folder. With a simple tool, your mail will be no match for your organizational powers.

3. Unused Furniture

Don’t let your family fall victim to dirty dust collectors. Use your power of creativity to transform that old armoire you’re not using into an entertainment stand for your child’s room. Make that old empty table disappear by donating it to a charity. Think of what you could do with the extra space. Plus, you won’t have to move them to clean!

4. Purses, Clutches, and Other Bags

These menaces are hard to tame since they out number you. They accumulate in your closet eating up more and more space. You can win the battle against these space-taker-uppers with your superior intellect by placing them on the top shelf in your closet in an organized line. Don’t forget to color code them! You could also use the power of levitation and purchase a purse organizer to hang them from pegs on the wall.

5. Personal Care Products

By the time you realize these space eaters are nibbling on the space on your dresser or in your bathroom closet, it’s almost too late. It’s easy not to notice when you start accumulating body spray, body wash, hair styling products, perfumes and lotions. Once again your powers of organization will save you and your family in the battle against the bottles. Use a decorative container to store your personal care products. Place them on a shelf, or in a drawer. Remember to throw away any outdated products or one’s that you don’t use. Don’t let the bottles bite-off any more space off your counter or dresser. Put them in their place today.

If you want to conquer the villainous monsters that gobble at your precious space, begin by weeding out the items you don’t use anymore. By following these tips, you will defeat the fiendish creatures and end up as the brave hero who defeated the space-eaters single handedly.

Photo by J Aaron Farr