#DIYFriday: Organize Your Jewelry with Style

By Hayley Castle

Jewelry Hoop Today is one of those days where my want-to-do list keeps tapping me on the shoulder, looking at me with puppy-dog eyes, saying “Please. Please pick me! I’ll be fun and fulfilling, I promise.” And then there’s my much-longer need-to-do list, who is managing to give me panic attacks every time I get a glance of it out of the corner of my eye. Which one would you pick? That’s what I thought. Which brings me to this project. And who knows, maybe you really NEED somewhere to organize your jewelry today. You’ve just had it with the tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings. Yep, you know what I’m talking about. And that’s how your want turned to a need. Justified.

What you will need:

Jewelry Hoop -Foam core, preferably white, unless your fabric is dark -Self-healing cutting mat, or other surface (like cardboard) that is ok to cut into -Hot glue gun, plus extra glue sticks -Embroidery hoop, mine was 18″ -Fabric scissors -Pencil, or pen -X-acto knife -Decorative tacks, I had 12 -Small cup hooks, I had 4 -Fabric of your choice, 5/8ths of a yard for an 18″ embroidery hoop -1 Nail (not pictured) -About 30 minutes First, you are going to trace the inside of the hoop onto the foam core with your pencil, like so: JewelryHoop2 Then, place your foam core onto your cutting mat, and you will cut along your line very carefully with your exacto knife. Take it slow. There’s no rush. Tip: Turn the board as you cut, rather than walking around the table to cut the circle out. JewelryHoop3 Once it’s cut out, try “popping” it into your hoop. It should fit pretty snug, and you should have to finagle it in there, without bending the foam core, of course. If it needs some trimming, have at it. But remember, take it sloooow. Small slivers off at a time, if needed. Once the foam core fits to your liking, take it out. Now, lay your fabric out, wrong side up. Trace loosely with your pencil onto the fabric about 2-3 inches wider than the hoop. Then cut it out, and it should look like this: JewelryHoop4 Now, loosen the hoop by unscrewing the screw at the top, so that the inside hoop comes out. JewelryHoop5 Layer the outside hoop on bottom, then fabric face-down, then inside hoop. Push the inside hoop in so it’s snug and fabric is tight.JewelryHoop6 Pull the edges of the fabric up so that everything is snug. JewelryHoop7 Trim the extra fabric so there is about 1″ of fabric sticking out of the hoops. JewelryHoop8 Now, pop your foam core back in and press it against the fabric. JewelryHoop9 Hot glue around the edges of the foam core. JewelryHoop10 Hot glue the fabric down towards the foam core.  You’re not going to see the back, so don’t worry about making it look pretty. JewelryHoop11 Flip it over to the pretty side. Put your tacks in however you’d like. I prefer random.JewelryHoop12 Screw the hooks into the bottom of the hoop. These are so teeny that you can just do it with your hand. JewelryHoop13 Now you’ll just need one nail to put into your wall. Nail it in there, leaving the head of the nail an inch or less out from the wall. Hang your hoop onto the nail. You might need to do some teetering to make it hang straight. Hang your bracelets and necklaces on it and Viola! You can now cross that pesky need off your list. Jewelry Hoop

Haley Castle Hayley Castle is the wife of Jake and mother of a very energetic little boy.