5 Tips to Help You Survive Moving Day

By tannerc

If you’re preparing to move, we feel your pain. Even if you’re looking forward to it, moving day can wreck your nerves and catapult your anxiety. It’s no wonder that the workforce mobility organization (WorldwideEERC.org) ranks moving as the third most stressful life event only after death and divorce.

But we’re going to change that. Whether you’re hiring a professional mover or gathering friends and family, these insightful tips and tricks will ease the stress of moving day and have you settled into your new home faster and easier.

Tip 1: Create a battle plan

Just like a well prepared soldier, you need a battle plan. A battle plan will help moving day run smoothly by letting all involved know what’s expected of them, as well as provide them with important information like what to do and when.

Your plan should be as detailed as possible and include a map to the new home, its address, cell phone numbers of those involved, a timeline of the day’s events and job duties. It’s also a good idea to include a sketch of the new home, with rooms labeled. Make several copies of your battle plan and hand it out to each member of your crew at the start of the day.

Tip 2: Prepare for the day after

After an exhausting day of moving, the last thing you’ll want to do is search for your bed sheets, toothbrush or that prized coffee pot. The day before your move, grab a box or storage container (label it appropriately) and fill it with indispensable items you’ll need during the first few days in your home such as toiletries, a change of clothes, mobile chargers, and your laptop. If you have little ones, create a box just for them and include a few of their favorite toys to help them feel comfortable during the transition.

Tip 3: Provide lots of food and drink for helpers

Whether you’ve hired professional movers, or you’re getting help from an assortment of friend and family, providing food and drink to your crew is essential to their happiness and motivation levels. Before your day gets hectic, order a few pizzas and plan for mid-day delivery, then station coolers of water and soda in your old home and at your new one. A full belly and a cold drink will energize and inspire your helpers, plus it will remind them that you appreciate their efforts.

Tip 4: Remove kids and pets

The very last thing you need to worry about on moving day is the safety and happiness of your kids, or whether Fido has had his afternoon walk. Hire a neighborhood teen to take care of your children and pets, or ask a friend to lend a hand. You’ll all be less stressed and better prepared to settle into your new abode.

Tip 5: Make security a priority

Throughout the day people (some of which you may not know) will be coming and going from both of your homes, creating a lot of opportunity for theft. And those passing by might seize the opportunity to steal items left on the lawn or in an open garage, especially if the home appears vacant. So ask a trusted friend or relative to remain at each home throughout the move. And when the home is vacant – even if it’s for a short period – make sure all doors and windows are locked and the shed and garage are secure.

Moving requires lots of planning, and by the time the day arrives anxiety levels have reached absurd heights.

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