Getting Prepared for Moving in the Fall

By Victoria Blackburn

Fall Moving You’ve sold your current house and bought a new one with a moving in date in the fall. You don’t need to even start thinking about packing to move until after Labor Day, right? Sadly, this isn’t the case. No matter how organized you are, or how good you are at planning and packing, preparing to move always takes longer than expected. A couple of weeks of packing just aren’t going to cut it. Really, you should be starting to prepare for your fall move at least two months out. The following tips will help you have a successful move with the least amount of stress, and also stop those last minute panic packs from happening.

1. Book Your Movers

Finding a good moving company for a good price is not an easy thing, and leaving it to the last minute almost guarantees that you’ll either be paying way more than you should or you’ll be stuck with less than great service. To get the date that you want, you should begin calling moving companies as soon as you know when you want to move. Collect estimates and book your mover as soon as you can.

2. Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

Living in one space for any length of time means that you accumulate stuff. A move is a great time to go through your belongings and get rid of those things that you really don’t want or need, like those unopened boxes hidden in the basement since your last move. By getting rid of things that you don’t use, not only will you have less stuff to store, but the cost of your move will be lower.

3. Consider the Weather

Unfortunately, you can’t control the unpredictable fall weather. What you can do is be prepared. Keep umbrellas and rain coats unpacked in case they’re needed. Ensure that your moving company is going to wrap your items so they are protected from the elements. If you have a garage, clear a path through the garage to keep your belongings out of the weather as much as possible during the moving process. Have tarps or protective cloths ready for your floors in case your moving company doesn’t have them.

4. Start Packing

Of course you’re still going to be using things during the time you’re in your current home, but you can start to pack up those items that aren’t needed regularly. Seasonal items, knick-knacks, and other items that aren’t needed daily can be put into your boxes. Packing up rooms that aren’t in use not only gets you ahead of the game, but also gives you a place to put your items as they’re ready to be moved, making the move that much quicker and more efficient. You should also be using up what’s in your cupboards, so you do not have to fill your car with food when it’s time to hit the road. Moving in the fall doesn’t mean that you get to take the summer off and relax. Use the time and these tips to be prepared.

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  • Mike Davis

    Moving looks very easy before your move but, when you experience it then you would be knowing that moving is a long as well as a little hectic task but, proper planning would avoid all the stress.