4 Ways to Pay Rent on Time, Every Time

By Alyse

pay rent on time Contributed by WilliamPaid.com. If the first of the month induces cold sweats and an impending sense of doom, you could be suffering from one of two health ailments. The first is cyclical heart attacks, which don’t exist, and the second is renter’s anxiety, which grows more intense every day your payment is late. To cure your renter’s anxiety, avoid pesky late fees and awkward encounters with your landlord, here are some absurdly simple ways to ensure your rent gets paid on time, every time.

1.Pay Your Rent Online

Know why everything–movies, banking, even grocery shopping–is online these days? It’s because online equals easy. That goes for rental payments too. Rather than snail mail your payment, leave your check in a drop box, or have to physically interact with your landlord, why not pay your rent online? Paying online requires a trip to your nearest wireless device–typically found in your pocket–instead a drive to the bank or post office. It’s easier to remember your rent when it’s easy to pay it.

2.Auto-Pay Your Rent

If you set up an auto-pay account, you don’t have to remember to pay your rent. You could suffer from Transient Global Amnesia (let’s stick with the healthcare metaphors) on the first of the month and your rent will still come in on time. Just schedule your payments through the preferred account, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

3.Split Payments Between Accounts

If you’re short on cash and the cost of late fees outweighs the interest you might accrue on your credit card, split your payment between multiple accounts. When you pay your rent online, you can redistribute the financial impact your rent will have on your wallet. This will enable you to absorb your rent and pay it on time rather than pay it later because you had to wait for your next paycheck.

4.Schedule Alerts

Maybe your accounts are close enough to empty that you can’t rely on an auto-pay for fear of overdraft charges. If that’s the case, set up a monthly alert on your smartphone and email account. Most email services include a calendar feature that allows you to schedule appointments and meetings. Enter a meeting titled, “PAY RENT!!!” and then have it repeat monthly and you’re set. You can even add email alerts and popups that will pester you to pay up. This was a guest post by WilliamPaid, a free service that lets renters and roomies pay rent online and build credit with every payment.

  • Mike Davis

    Paying rent on time is good habit because it make a good relation between you and your owner, and read this article to know some amazing benefits of paying rent on time.