5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Allergens

By Christine DiMaria

Dust Mite Cleaning Achoo! That’s the sound of allergy season. Indoor allergies to dust and even pet dander will make your eyes water and you nose run. Stop scratching your eyes until they’re raw and take some time to eliminate some of the allergens that are in your home by following these five easy tips.

1. Air Purifier or Air Filtration System

An air filter catches a percentage of particles floating through the air. The amount of dust and other allergens a filtration system picks up will tremendously affect how you breathe. You can compare models by size, price, and effectiveness to find the one that’s right for you. Make sure it has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. You may want to opt for a unit that’s ENERGY STAR qualified, so you don’t have an increase in your electric bill.

2. Cover or Remove Fabrics

Use polyurethane or soft plastic covers on your pillows, box spring, and mattresses. You can opt for allergen-proof casings as well. Instead of using curtains, choose blinds that don’t collect allergens as much as drapes do. Don’t forget to dust your blinds on a regular basis. Replace the carpeting with hardwood floors and small rugs. You may even want to consider tiling. Remember to vacuum your small rugs regularly to avoid allergens.

3. Clean Everything

Scrub everything in your house regularly. You should vacuum your carpet and furniture, dust with a wet rag, and thoroughly scrub your bathroom at least once a week. Wash your bed sheets weekly as well. Make sure you use the “hot” setting.

4. Minimal Ornamentation

You want to keep the number of knickknacks in your home to a minimum since they collect dust. Additionally, you want to remove houseplants because they can lead to mold growth. You have to weigh the factors when it comes to your knickknacks. Is that large, decorative vase worth wheezing? Is that potted palm worth the possibility of mold growth that will cause you to feel congested?

5. Your Furnace and Ductwork

Unfortunately, dust mites and other allergens like to weasel their way into your ductwork and eventually make their way out into your home through the vents. Make sure you clean your vents regularly and change your furnace filter once a month during the months when you use it. Contact an HVAC company to clean your ducts. By following these tips – and taking your antihistamines – you’ll reduce the eye itching and sneezing that comes with alergies.