How to Protect Your Belongings on Moving Day

By Alyse

Contributed by Moving Insider. I can’t imagine that there’s a worse feeling than packing all of your belongings into the moving truck, driving to your new home and then unpacking, only to find that some of your items were damaged, or even worse, stolen along the way. Protecting your belongings is an important and multifaceted process. You will need to protect your belongings from other items in the truck, damage from shifting, and outside intruders. Thankfully, accomplishing this task requires only a few simple steps and a couple minutes of planning.

1.Pack the boxes

style= According to U-Haul, on average a do-it-yourself move can be accomplished for less than 1/2 the cost of a van-line move. But that doesn’t mean you should cut any corners to try and lower the cost further. Using quality moving supplies are the crucial in protecting your cargo over the course of the move. There are two items that should never be skimped on – sturdy boxes and protection products, like bubble wrap. Wrap fragile items in plenty of packing material before loading them into the box. A box with handles will help you carry it securely and will minimize the chance of dropping it and breaking your valuables.

2.Load the cargo

style= Try to visualize how your items will fit. If it helps, draw a sketch on a piece of paper (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be exact) to allow your mind to see how it will all work out. This is especially beneficial when packing oversized and irregular shaped items. Loading in an organized fashion is the easiest way to protect your belongings. Most people know that heavy objects go on the floor, but did you know that it’s also important to pack in cells? Packing in cells allows you to tie off each section as you go, keeping your goods exactly where they are supposed to be. The pros also use moving pads by the dozen to protect your belongings. Not only to wrap items to protect against scrapes, but also to use as “stuffing” to keep things in place. After covering your furniture with moving pads, use plastic wrap as a final precaution to keep drawers, doors and moving pads in place.

3.Secure the truck

When parked, especially in an unfamiliar area, threats to your truck can occur. Moving trucks are a popular target in places like motel parking lots because thieves can have easy access to all of your belongings while you rest from the stress of the move. It may be best to park the truck right near the office or front desk area, even if there is a space closer to your room. Not every truck in a hotel parking lot attracts thieves, but it does happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t lead thieves to even consider touching your truck. Always park in a well lit area with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Use a solid padlock for the back door, and always remember to lock the cab, even if you’re only stepping away for a minute. And, remember:

  1. Drive carefully and avoid sudden starts or stops to prevent load shifting.
  2. Park the truck in the shade when possible to keep your cargo cool.
  3. Be mindful of the clearance of your moving truck when going through tunnel, under bridges, at drive-thrus and in any other instance where there is and overhang or protrusion.

Do you have any tips to protect your belongings on moving day? Let us know below in the comments section.

  • While moving always rent moving boxes which can help you to safely relocate your belongings and choose hard and sturdy boxes for relocation.