What to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

By Alyse

uhaul Contributed by Moving Insider. Your moving day is nearing and it’s about time to reserve the moving truck. Before picking up the phone or going online to make your reservation, there are a few things you should consider. This post will share the things you can do in advance to make the reservation process seamless.

Size of moving truck

Are you moving out of a small apartment or a 3,000 square foot house? Moving trucks come in sizes that will accommodate both. To determine what size truck you’ll need, visit the rental website and see what your options are. Consider creating a home inventory of your large items while packing. This will help you determine exactly how much space you need. This step can also be helpful in deciding what items you won’t be taking to your new home, and arranging for their donation or disposal. If you have a 3 bedroom home or a lot of furniture by your own standards, chances are you will need to rent a 20-foot truck or larger. If you plan on only moving only boxes and light furniture to your new home, a more compact truck or even a cargo van may do the trick.

Drop off location

This is an important consideration because you have two options when renting a truck; you can pick it up and return it at the same location (best for inner-city moves), or, if you are moving cross-country or to a distant city, you will choose a destination location that is different from the location at which you picked it up. This is considered a one-way move and usually included predetermined mileage. Decide in advance on your preference, and consider costs associated with both options.

Time Needed

Most rental companies have a standard amount of time they allow for rentals. This may be determined by distance, or some other factor. If you feel like you will need more time than the average comparable move, you will need to ask in advance. For example, are you making a trip cross- country and stopping along the way to stay with a relative? Ask for the extra day in beforehand. While you may need to pay for extra days or hours, it will likely be less expensive than the fees you would incur for returning the moving truck late. This also allows the rental company to fulfill the other reservations it has because they will have an accurate expectation of when you will be returning.

Alternate Options

There are other options for moving day that you may not have considered, yet. If you are driving your vehicle to your destination and it has a hitch, you have the option of renting a moving trailer. If you prefer not to haul your belongings at all, a moving pod may be the best option for you- where your belongings are picked up and delivered to your new home. You can learn more about the options with a simple web search, or by visiting the rental company’s website.