Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

By Christine DiMaria

Site Map So you’ve moved all your clothing; your cable is hooked up; your address is changed, and you’re resting peacefully in your new abode. While it’s nice for the first few weeks to just enjoy coming home to your new home, you obviously want to explore the neighborhood you now reside in and find your new favorite hot spots.

1. Use the Internet

The Internet has more to it than just Twitter and Candy Crush, so start using it! Do searches locally on Yahoo or Google. Search by the type of place you’re looking to find. For instance, search for clothing boutiques if you like shopping or narrow down your search to nightlife activities. Don’t forget to look at your city or township’s official website. Oftentimes, this site will give you popular tourist destinations to check out. Facebook, and other social sites give you access to local businesses, so don’t hesitate to search on these sites.

2. Ask Neighbors, Friends and Family

Your neighbor came to your housewarming party and bought you that new panini maker. Why not make a visit to his or her house to personally deliver your thank you letter and ask about activities in the neighborhood? If you see someone walking his or her dog, strike up a conversation! Make sure you casually inquire about where the local hot spots are. You may even make a new friend. Ask your friends and family as well.

3. Drive Around

This may seem like a waste of gas, especially with gas prices as high as they are, but by wondering aimlessly, you never know what you’ll discover. You might find a few restaurants that look intriguing, or a coffee shop where you might one day find Mr. (or Ms.) Right. At the very least you’ll get to know the area better, which will make all your commutes easier.

4. Go to the Store

You probably already know where the grocery store is by now. Venture down there and start socializing. Ask what there is to do in this city. The store may also have fliers or a board that posts upcoming events or advertisements for local attractions.

5. Go to the Library

Oftentimes, the public library will post also fliers and bulletins about upcoming events.

6. Local Newspaper and Radio

Read your local newspaper. It has ads that can give you an idea about some of the locations in your neighborhood. The newspaper also features updates and news about the upcoming attractions and events. There are even reviews of restaurants, so you will not have any issues finding the best cuisine in your area. The radio advertises many events and nightlife activities, so you can easily discover where the hottest bars and clubs are in your city. The Internet, newspaper and radio are all excellent sources of information to help you find where to go in your new neighborhood. But venturing out on your own and mingling may assist you in meeting new people and finding the best spots to have fun. Even visiting some local areas will aid in your search for excitement.