501 Uses for a Cardboard Box

By nate

501 things you can make from a cardboard box Not sure what to do with the cardboard boxes you stashed in the basement after your move, or just looking for a fun weekend project? We’ve got more than a few zany ideas on how to turn a boring box into something awesome, in fact, we’ve got 501.

  1. Make a cardboard kazoo that actually plays.
  2. Stack slices of cardboard cutout to create imitation 3D fruit.
  3. With some scissors you can make any sheet of cardboard into decorative masquerade masks.
  4. Make a cardboard windsock by attaching a string to the top of a long, thin box.
  5. Cut a long thin strip of cardboard to serve as the strap for a cardboard purse. Make the purse out of two crescent-shaped pieces of cardboard.
  6. Create a cardboard lap desk for the car with a box, tape, some glue, and scissors.
  7. If you have any of those mini toy skateboards you can use a cutup box to create a mini cardboard skate park.
  8. Tape the edges of a small box shut to create a cardboard flower pot.
  9. Make a pretend boom box/cardboard music box.
  10. Put posters in a cardboard tube to protect them while in storage or moving.
  11. Use a few small boxes as speaker boxes for your sound system.
  12. Cardboard’s natural flat, stiff sheets are great for mimicking samurai armor for a children’s costume.
  13. Use a box and some scissors/tape to create a fun cardboard chair for dolls (or small children).
  14. A small box with two holes cut into the top and a slit in the side can be used to create a cardboard toy toaster.
  15. Cut out alphabet shapes for spelling words around the house.
  16. Use a few sheets of cardboard and some scissors to make decorative snowflakes.
  17. Keep your cords in order by using a box as your electrical cord storage go-to.
  18. Place honey and seeds on a used paper towel roll to create a bird feeder.
  19. Grab a piece of cardboard, sketch out a design, then cut the design out for a stencil mat.
  20. Create a quirky Swiss cheese chalet with some scissors and flattened cardboard pieces.
  21. Place a gallon jug of water into a box with a small hole cut in the top, then attach a straw to create a cardboard toy drinking fountain.
  22. Lay a flattened piece of cardboard beneath soil to use it as a garden liner (keeps weeds from growing).
  23. Create a fun Chinese parade dragon with a box, some paper, and other miscellaneous decorations.
  24. Add paper towel tubes to a medium-sized box to make a “larger than life” play video camera.
  25. Grab some string and scissors and turn that spare box into a functional (and stylish) cooking apron.
  26. If you’re in need, turn that cardboard box into a disposable litter box for a cat.
  27. Turn those extra boxes into impromptu park benches.
  28. Use a box as a present delivery apparatus.
  29. Use a few flattened cardboard boxes as carpet padding.
  30. Take two small cardboard boxes and poke a hole in one end of each box, then tie a small string between them for cardboard nun chucks.
  31. Use some cardboard cut from a box and some other simple materials to create an HDTV receiver.
  32. Create cardboard animal trophies by cutting layers into shapes that can be glued together to make a 3D-like statue.
  33. Cut small squares from a box (decorate them if you’d like) to create cardboard drink coasters.
  34. Cut, fold, and tape boxes together to build giant fort.
  35. Use a large box (or multiple boxes cut open and taped together) to create a cardboard igloo for the backyard, for kids to sleep and play in.
  36. Cut cardboard into strips. Slit halfway through strips and join slits to create cardboard grid that you can place in a shoebox and use for a rock collection.
  37. Use a large box, some glue, and a rope to create a fun toy refrigerator.
  38. Take a small box (or a few pieces of a large box cutup and taped together) to make a box for storing crayons, pencils, or markers.
  39. Turn a box into a coffin (but don’t really).
  40. Cut a box open and lay it flat to make a screen for a TV or movie projector.
  41. Cut out the correct shape and user markers for holiday candy corn ornaments.
  42. Attach some wheels to a number of flattened boxes (taped together) to make a cardboard skateboard.
  43. Using a few rolls of cardboard, a box, and some string, you can create a cardboard xylophone.
  44. Fold up and stuff under wobbly table leg.
  45. Use an empty box (or a few strips of cardboard cut from a box) to create a quick raised garden bed.
  46. Cut a small circle out of the sides of a box to make a cardboard play pizza, then use strips of cardboard and colored markers to create toppings.
  47. Create your very own cardboard cricket bat.
  48. Turn a cardboard box with a lid into an easy-to-use piggy bank by cutting a small hole in the top (it’s that easy!).
  49. A single box can be painted to create a quick and easy SpongeBob Squarepants costume.
  50. Cut two circles out of a sheet of cardboard, then attach some cardboard tubes to create some ping pong paddles.
  51. Rollup a single sheet of cardboard so that one end is larger than another to make a simple megaphone.
  52. Using a flat box to cut out the frame, use some string and markers to create a cardboard tennis racket.
  53. Cut flat pieces of cardboard to create decorative pendants or medals.
  54. Use the boxes for storage (duh).
  55. Use an empty box or two as a cardboard foot locker for clothes or shoe storage.
  56. Make a cardboard wind turbine using various pieces cut out from a box.
  57. Use some scissors, glue, and rubber bands to make a cardboard guitar that can actual play.
  58. If you have a lot of spare boxes, cut them up and layer cardboard to create a small halfpipe for skateboards and scooters.
  59. Use scissors, tape, and a child’s tricycle to create a play zamboni.
  60. Get out your paints and glue to make a mini-cardboard Tardis time machine.
  61. A small strip of cardboard can easily turn into a handy phone charger station.
  62. Use a few flattened boxes to cut the framework for a fake tree which can be used to store items or as a play tree house.
  63. Create a puppet theater complete with a stage and paper bags for puppets.
  64. Cut out a dinosaur silhouette as a cardboard decoration for a child’s room.
  65. Be quick and this could work: create a cardboard oven mitt with some string and folded cardboard.
  66. Catch a wave on a cardboard wakeboard made from a few boxes laid flat on one another.
  67. Put pieces under the legs of furniture for furniture sliders.
  68. Create your own cardboard deck of cards.
  69. Create a stylish LED lamp from a single sheet of cardboard.
  70. Sides of a box can be cut out to make cardboard backboards for posters.
  71. Cut out the side of a box and write your feelings down with a marker to create protest signs.
  72. Make a cardboard ukulele from layered cardboard and strings.
  73. Small boxes can be filled with dry beans and taped closed, then decorated to make maracas.
  74. Wrap the box in fancy paper to use as a present, after putting something inside of it of course (as a gift).
  75. If you cut one side of the box open you could make a cheap wind protector.
  76. Make a Pacman costume by cutting two large sheets of cardboard into matching pie shapes. Join the two shapes with glue and 2’6″ wide strip of cardboard so you fit between the sheets.
  77. Gym locker for kids to store their belongings at home.
  78. Attach popsicle sticks to the top of a small box and decorate it with a marker to make a cardboard toy helicopter.
  79. With enough boxes you can make a mini cardboard haunted house.
  80. If you really need to: use a sheet of cardboard to cover a whole and create a booby trap to catch animals.
  81. Get creative and make a violin out of a single cardboard box.
  82. Use a small box and a long cardboard tube to create a play bazooka.
  83. Double shot basketball arcade!
  84. Use a large photo and create a life size doppelganger.
  85. Use a thin piece of cardboard (or tear a thick piece apart) to use as a coffee filter.
  86. Cut a few strips out of a cardboard to create a fun picket fence.
  87. It’s going to take a bit of time (and a lot of supplies), but with some boxes you can create a cardboard Ghostbusters pack.
  88. Using string to hold the finished product in place, make a Power Rangers mask with colored markers and scissors.
  89. Use cutup strips from a cardboard box to make decorative mini apples.
  90. Make a miniature Radio Flyer red wagon by cutting slats into a box and coloring it.
  91. A few strips of cardboard can be bent and drawn on to create a cardboard toy car race track.
  92. Cut the sides out of a cardboard box and then insert a long sheet of stock paper to create a small light box.
  93. Say goodbye to the knots by storing Christmas light in a box dedicated to doing just that.
  94. A small cardboard box can easily turn into a toothpick holder.
  95. Make a cardboard volcano with spare boxes, tape, newspaper, spray paint and a few other materials.
  96. Cut out blocks of cardboard from a box to make fun dominoes.
  97. If you want to try standing at your desk use a box as a laptop stand.
  98. Cut a hole in a narrow box then hang it in your pantry as a plastic bag holder.
  99. How about making a cardboard clock?
  100. A few boxes can be stacked together and supported with wood (or another durable material) to create a cardboard entertainment center.
  101. Get crafty with some tape, boxes, and a cup to make a cardboard airplane.
  102. Some boxes, tape, felt, and other small materials can be used to create a box cowboy hat.
  103. If you’re desperate, turn a cardboard box into a crib by using some pillows and blankets.
  104. Decorate a single box to create a stuffed animal house for kids.
  105. A few sheets of cardboard can be folded, cut, and placed together to make a fun teepee tent.
  106. Or stack a few boxes together to create a temporary lamp stand.
  107. Use a sheet of cardboard as a placemat to protect your table from hot plates and pots.
  108. Cut out a small piece of cardboard and fold it up to create a hockey puck.
  109. Get crafty with some scissors and glue to make some amazing cardboard teacups.
  110. Use as a mixing pad with a piece of cardboard, an ice cream stick to mix together hardener and bond.
  111. Cut basic shapes out of the side of a box for a child to use as a shape sorter to help them learn shapes and colors.
  112. Even use a box or two as your own recycling bin for managing recyclables.
  113. If you’re in need, use a sheet or two of cardboard to create a car trunk protector.
  114. With some cardboard, cardstock, crayons, and scissors you can make a fireman hat for children.
  115. Cut a sheet of cardboard however you need to be used as a paper mache frame.
  116. Make a cardboard turkey with some scissors and pens or markers.
  117. Play microwave for the kids to cook “food” in, also made of cardboard.
  118. To make a cardboard bobsled, roll down the top of a large box, wax the bottom so it’s slick and use chalk or markers to decorate.
  119. Cut a cardboard sheet into a waxing crescent shape to create the bill of a cardboard baseball hat that you then duct tape to the cap.
  120. Turn a box into a cardboard doghouse by setting it on the ground.
  121. Use a tall box as a spare armoire.
  122. If you’re really in-need: use cutup strips of cardboard as wall paper.
  123. Use two small pieces of cardboard cutout from a box to create toy pop tarts that can be colored with pencils or markers and glitter.
  124. Use pieces of cut cardboard to create cool cutout templates for photos.
  125. Use a several large boxes as a desk.
  126. Use small blocks of cardboard to create toy people with pipe cleaner arms, or cut out people shapes from a box to make play people.
  127. Attach a few water noodles to the top of a box and cut two sides out in order to create a mini play cardboard carwash.
  128. Take a medium-sized box, tape all the ends closed and use it as an end table or coffee table.
  129. An empty box could make for a great lamp shade (just be sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby).
  130. Cut one wall off of a small box and use it as a dust pan.
  131. A few sturdy boxes, a few planks of wood, a lot of glue, and some sweat can turn into a fun child’s playhouse.
  132. A small cardboard box works great as a garden seed starter.
  133. Create a sturdy laptop stand by cutting two identical sides and a back that fits into slits on the other pieces of cardboard.
  134. Scratch your address on one side of an empty box and put it outside to create a cardboard mailbox.
  135. Using a cardboard tube (or a long, thin cardboard box) attach a flat, cutout piece to the end to make a toy scythe.
  136. Cut a box into layers to use as a spray paint shield.
  137. Some tape and glue with a few strips of cardboard cut out from a box can make for a play cardboard gun.
  138. A fun activity can be to take two boxes and turn them into a toy cardboard football using scissors, water, and a bowl.
  139. Make a cardboard crown for a king or queen.
  140. Use some scissors to cut out a cardboard play mounted deer or elk.
  141. Make a cheap iPod case by cutting and taping a few pieces of cardboard together.
  142. Grab some tools and a spare bike to create a kinetic cardboard rhino.
  143. Cut a thin strip of cardboard out and color it to make a decorative snake.
  144. Cut out strips of cardboard and tape them to a single, curved piece to create a cardboard beard.
  145. Pot holder (just make sure it doesn’t get too hot!).
  146. Flatten, tape together, and paint multiple boxes to make a play stage backdrop.
  147. Grab some paint and tape to turn cut out shapes into a fun cardboard landscape for a train or action figure play set.
  148. Think you’ve got skills with the scissors and glue? How about making your own cardboard mannequin.
  149. Use scrapbooking stencils to cut cardboard sheets into designs with more texture and dimensionality than typical scrapbooking supplies allow.
  150. Use the boxes for what they’re made for: travel storage.
  151. A box, some kitchen supplies, scissors, glue, and markers can be used to create a fun, play cardboard fire truck for kids.
  152. By cutting a few squares out of cardboard and using tape to put them together you can make a really fun windball.
  153. Cut a box up to create simple kindling for a fire.
  154. Play a life-sized game of Tetris by using boxes taped together into various Tetris shapes and colored with paint.
  155. With a cardboard box, some scissors, and other supplies you could create a play scooter.
  156. A flattened box can be used to make a diorama project.
  157. Use a small box (or cut a large box into smaller sections) to create an art center.
  158. Use individual pieces of cutup cardboard as temporary floor tiling.
  159. To make a bird’s nest shred apart some cardboard and mold into a bowl.
  160. Use two or three boxes, some colored markers, and tape to create a play piano.
  161. To make a chalkboard pin a piece of cardboard to the wall. You can spray paint it for different colors.
  162. Use yarn and thin pieces of cardboard to create a bracelet then decorate with markers.
  163. Cut a large hole out of one side of a box to make a fun, pretend cardboard TV.
  164. Put some bait in the end of the box and wire a flap door to create a simple animal trap.
  165. Build a one-of-a-kind cardboard record player using a paper clip for the needle suspended by a pencil anchored by an eraser.
  166. Cut a few holes out of a box and use it as a cardboard holiday luminary.
  167. A sheet of cardboard makes for a great glue mixing pad.
  168. Color a medium-sized box black and yellow after cutting the open sides of the box into four wheels to create a Flintstone-style school bus.
  169. Take a flattened box and fold it in half, then color it with markers to create a fun cardboard UFO for kids.
  170. Strap some balloons to a small box to create miniature hot air balloons.
  171. A small box and some earphones can be used to create a cardboard iPod.
  172. Fill your walls with shredded boxes to insulate a shed or cabin.
  173. Use small squares of cardboard cutup to make bingo markers, then use a big sheet of cardboard as a bingo board.
  174. Make a plinko box with gifts and prizes to win.
  175. Cut out a single side of a box and place it by a door for an instant cardboard door mat.
  176. If you use a vacuum sealer for storing clothes or belongings, use cutup cardboard as a vacuum block to protect the shape and condition of the items.
  177. Use some markers to create a miniature billboard.
  178. Use a silver crayon to make a police badge.
  179. Use a flattened sheet of cardboard with various “blocks” taped to it at different angles to create a fun marble maze.
  180. Cut up pieces of extra cardboard boxes to create durable envelopes.
  181. Use some scissors, a light, and paper to create a fun cardboard lantern.
  182. Police jail with a door and bars on the windows.
  183. A few sheets of cardboard can be used as dresser drawer separators.
  184. Add honey or glue to strips of cutout cardboard to create your own insect traps.
  185. Keep your clothes nice or separated with cardboard luggage inserts for the next time you travel.
  186. Use a propped-up box as a simple painting easel.
  187. Tape together several long pieces and lay them on a set of stairs to create a cardboard slide.
  188. A long cardboard box can make for a simple vase.
  189. Create a series of wall storage containers with unused cardboard boxes.
  190. Use some heavy-duty tape to turn your extra boxes into luggage for flying.
  191. With some crayons and scissors you can use one side of a box to create a cardboard toy mirror.
  192. Use layers of cardboard to create imitation crocs shoes.
  193. Use cardboard tubes or rolls with a sheet of cardboard taped to the bottom to make dice shaker cups.
  194. If you’re into archery you can use a few cutup sheets of cardboard to make an arrow quiver.
  195. Use paper plates as wheels to create a toy cardboard jeep.
  196. Strap some wheels (paper or real) onto the box to make a play pioneer wagon.
  197. Take a small, square box and crumble it up, then wrap duct tape around it to make a cardboard basketball.
  198. Use a few sturdy boxes as temporary stairs (if you dare).
  199. Use some scissors and a box to create a cardboard helicopter.
  200. A cardboard box makes for a fun play tunnel for kids or animals.
  201. Use a cardboard box as storage for children’s toys by letting them decorate the box how they see fit.
  202. Let your dog or cat make itself at home on their very own cardboard pet futon.
  203. Make some fun cardboard block prints.
  204. Either rollup a few sheets of cardboard or use some cardboard tubes to create “no kill” mouse traps.
  205. Tape a rolled-up sheet of cardboard together to create a knife sheath.
  206. Use an empty box as a flower collection holder.
  207. Take the cardboard from used paper towel rolls and place them in boots to keep them upright.
  208. Use a small piece of cardboard cut from a box as a mouse pad.
  209. Uncomfortable sandals can be made from a sheet of cardboard cut out to the size of your foot. Secure the sandal bottoms to your feet brads and ribbon.
  210. Use a disposable camera and a small cardboard box to create an IKEA camera at home.
  211. Use a thin strip of cardboard as a quick bookmark.
  212. Use multiple, small boxes and some pens to create a mini cardboard cathedral.
  213. Cut a box so it opens length-wise, then use some markers or colored pencils to create a long banner for announcements.
  214. Make a cardboard kayak coated with copious amounts of sealant to preserve its water tightness.
  215. Use a box with both ends open taped to a garage or doorway as a basketball basket.
  216. Attach pipe cleaners to small cardboard boxes or rolls and use markers to make funny spiders.
  217. A container, some soaked cardboard, and starter mushrooms make for great mushroom cultivation.
  218. Waterproof glue and some paint to create a canoe and paddles.
  219. If you’re careful you can attempt to make a cardboard camping pot for boiling water.
  220. Excess cardboard can be used as a great floor insulator for your home.
  221. With some simple supplies from the craft store a few pieces of a cardboard box could be used to create a miniature house or landscape display.
  222. Create a tall hat, a table, and small tea “cups” from cardboard to create a Mad Hatter themed tea party.
  223. Make a bracelet rack by rolling together a piece of cardboard and gluing together.
  224. Cut the sides out of a box and use another box to create thin shelves in order to make a cardboard book stand.
  225. Add tinfoil to a flattened box to create a cardboard beach sunshade.
  226. If you have a crooked chair or table, use a few pieces of cardboard as a soft lift to balance them out.
  227. Cut a few holes into some painted boxes to make Minecraft costumes.
  228. Create a cardboard photo album from a flattened box with some mod podge, brayer, and stock paper.
  229. Makes a cheap car trunk organizer.
  230. Use scissors to cut out some giant cardboard toy keys for children.
  231. Make a cardboard watchband by cutting a strip or two from the side of a box and rolling it up. Draw a face on the watch with pen or marker.
  232. Make cardboard cutout flowers by using scissors, glue, and a few pieces of the cardboard (plus other decorations, if you want).
  233. Draw something on flattened boxes and cut them up to make a cardboard puzzle.
  234. Turn a few cut out pieces of cardboard into a fun Jacob’s ladder toy.
  235. If you can’t find any other use for your boxes, recycle them.
  236. Cut out shapes or glue pieces onto tiny boxes to create cardboard toy animals.
  237. Use a pillow case, cardboard tube and a box for a pirate ship.
  238. Cardboard is great for making a gingerbread house frame, so cut up a box to make a nice template.
  239. Put your creativity in motion to create a cardboard arcade.
  240. Create an instant board game by drawing on a flat piece of cardboard and using smaller pieces of cut out cardboard as game pieces.
  241. Cut out some cardboard sunglasses and stylize them to fit your style.
  242. Use a long cardboard box to create an umbrella holder bin.
  243. If you’ve got to work under a car you can use a flattened box as a mat for laying on.
  244. A small box can easily be turned into a fun cardboard top hat.
  245. Make a flattened piece of cardboard into a hanger liner to prevent creases.
  246. Silver or black paint can be applied to make a box into a toy bank vault.
  247. Make a keyboard, mouse and monitor to use as a play computer.
  248. If you’re good with an exacto knife you can cut pieces of cardboard into incredible sushi rolls for decoration.
  249. Use a small piece of cardboard cut from a box to create a liner for a bird cage (works great for easy and quick cleaning).
  250. A small box can be used as a “parking garage” for Hot Wheels toy cars.
  251. Using a flattened cardboard box and a series of cardboard tubes you could create a bee nesting tube (if you like bees).
  252. A few sheets of cardboard and a stick can be used to create a decent snow shovel.
  253. Cut a small piece of cardboard out to use as a hand fan to cool yourself off.
  254. Color a flattened sheet of cardboard to make a fancy “Persian rug.”
  255. Attach a long cardboard tube to the front of a box to create a play tank.
  256. Use a box and a stick to create a cardboard spindle and lazy kate.
  257. Cutup a box and use the scraps as cardboard bedding for your animals.
  258. Using measuring tape to mark off inches onto a cardboard box flap for a temporary straight-edge/ruler.
  259. Take a cardboard box, some paint, and a spray can to create a play cardboard gas pump.
  260. Grab some paints or oils and use cutup cardboard as a painting canvas.
  261. Either use a small box or cut and fold a large box into a trading card holder.
  262. Keep the lid to a shoebox or larger cardboard box. Tip the box onto its side and cut out a viewing square for a shadowbox display.
  263. Use empty boxes to store ammo (even if it’s just the play kind).
  264. Use a long cardboard box as a vacuum wand extender.
  265. Cut a few lines into a box and crush it slightly to make a cardboard chew toy for pets.
  266. Create a toy boat by drawing on the box and placing a stick or long tube in the center with a pillowcase as a sail.
  267. Cut out the side of a box and duct tape a small strip of cardboard to the back to create a toy shield.
  268. Use a stack of boxes as a cardboard filing cabinet.
  269. Use a box, some string, scissors and glue, and colored pencils to create a fun, cardboard play castle for kids.
  270. Cut out pieces of cardboard and color them with colored pencils to make cardboard bacon for kids to play with.
  271. Make a toy rocking horse by cutting out a horsey shape attached to two smiling runners. Color to taste.
  272. If you’re pouring concrete you can use boxes for the mold.
  273. Use markers and sticky notes to create an action sheet for kids to help with chores.
  274. Cut an Easter egg design out from a sheet of cardboard to use as a decoration for Easter.
  275. Tape two pieces of flat cardboard together to create a CD or DVD storage case (be sure to label what’s inside with a marker).
  276. It only happens between two and five times a year, but when the next solar eclipse comes around you can use a smaller box as a solar telescope.
  277. Cut out some small shapes and decorate both sides to create some earrings.
  278. Using scissors and some tape you could make a cardboard kitchen funnel.
  279. Use markers or paint to color a box red, then use the top flaps to make a cardboard toy barn.
  280. Grab some other household materials and make a functional mini fridge.
  281. Small boxes can be used for a temporary lunchbox (for kids or adults).
  282. Use some markers and crayons to create a street sign for a yard sale or lemonade stand.
  283. Create your own greeting card with box scraps and markers or other decorative supplies.
  284. Use a box as a cardboard toolbox for the garage or workshop.
  285. Grab some markers or paint and turn flat cardboard boxes into elements for a stage design.
  286. Grab a few sheets of cardboard and tape or glue them together to make a snow sled.
  287. Cut a side of a box out and use the scrap of cardboard to create a fancy cell phone dock.
  288. A torn-up piece of cardboard can be turned into a fun treasure map for kids to use.
  289. Tape a long piece of wood to a cardboard box, add strings, and you have a bass instrument.
  290. Use cut-out and flattened cardboard for your lasagna garden.
  291. Use 1′ x1′ squares as seating cushions on bleachers or hard stadium chairs. Tape multiple sheets together for maximum cardboard comfort.
  292. With paint or markers and some string you can make a fun cardboard color wheel.
  293. Strips of cardboard can be used as nesting material for a pet.
  294. Cut out the sides of a box to form a diamond shape in order to make cardboard baseball bases.
  295. Use a big box to create a cardboard Christmas tree.
  296. Get handy with some scissors and glue to create a simple (or elegant) cell phone cover.
  297. Flatten out a set of boxes to create a slick dancing floor (great for break dancing).
  298. Attach a small box with a hole cut out of the middle to a plank of wood to create a cardboard birdhouse.
  299. An ineffective boat prop can be made by gluing the propeller fins to a paper towel tube.
  300. Create a festive wreath by cutting shapes out of one side of a box.
  301. Use a book to measure then cut a piece that is slightly larger so you can fold the ends to make a book cover.
  302. A big box can be used to create a cardboard boat with some duct tape and a plastic bag.
  303. Create a cardboard wallet with some tape, scissors, and other materials.
  304. Use a flat piece of cardboard and some pins to show off your butterfly collection.
  305. If you have a tin and some wax lying around you can use strips of cardboard into a long burning candle.
  306. Fold a few pieces of cardboard over and tape them together to create a functional (but temporary) snowboard.
  307. A small piece of cardboard can be cut and folded to make a Rubik’s cube holder.
  308. Make a functioning periscope by using a few small mirrors and a long box (or boxes).
  309. Make a 3d chandelier by cutting the boxes into diamond shapes and then stringing and taping them together.
  310. Use duct tape and a few flattened boxes to make a functional cardboard hammock.
  311. With a box, some paper and glue, scissors, and tape can make a cardboard Rubik’s cube.
  312. Use your imagination and some tape/marbles to create a quirky pinball machine.
  313. Add glue and/or honey to create a cheap fly-trap.
  314. Use spare cardboard boxes as fruit and vegetable storage.
  315. Use a template and layer pieces together to create cacti.
  316. Cut a few holes into a large box to create a cheap wine rack.
  317. Cut an opening in the walls on the long side of a box so it can fit your lap as a bed tray.
  318. Cut out the shape of a ghost to make a fun cardboard Halloween decoration.
  319. Some boxes and duct tap can be used to create a really fun ski ball arcade game.
  320. Tape or glue a few sticks or thin pieces of cardboard to the top of a large box in order to make some toy cardboard luggage.
  321. Use a few small sheets of cardboard cut into various shapes (and drawn on with markers) to create really fun cardboard finger puppets.
  322. Cut out a few simple hangers from flattened cardboard boxes.
  323. Use a box cutter, plastic cups and paint to create a police car.
  324. Cut out a cardboard circle and place it above a solution of water, sand, and disinfectant to create a relaxing jar for your etymological pursuits.
  325. Use a flattened sheet of cardboard as a temporary cutting board.
  326. A small box can be used to store leftover food (particularly good for storing uneaten pizza in the fridge).
  327. Use layers of cardboard as insulating camping pads.
  328. Flatten a large box to make a temporary cardboard surf board or body board.
  329. Take a few layered pieces of cardboard and tape them together to create a cheap baseball mitt.
  330. If you’ve got a lot of old VHS tapes or DVD/Blu-Ray videos use a box to store them by genre.
  331. Use some scissors to create a template that you can put inside clothes for maintaining their shape while in storage.
  332. Try putting strips of cardboard inside wet shoes to draw moisture out.
  333. Create abstract art by overlapping square cutouts with glue.
  334. Make a cardboard stand for your iPad, kindle, or other tablet by making just a few cuts into a flat piece of cardboard.
  335. Cut cardboard into strips and tape those strips onto a dowel to make a toy for cats–they go crazy for the stringy cardboard strips.
  336. Donate a box to someone who is moving, or a shelter.
  337. Create a cardboard diamond dome for storage or fun.
  338. A few strips of cardboard (or small boxes cut in half) can make for great office/desk organizers.
  339. Turn a few sheets of cardboard into a Master Chief costume (from the Halo video games).
  340. A few cuts and some glue can turn a cardboard box into a fun Star Wars speeder for kids to use.
  341. Shred old cardboard boxes to pack valuables into new ones. The strips of cardboard can protect your fragile stuff.
  342. Make a toy rocking chair using crescent-shaped runners, two flat sheets of cardboard, and strips for legs.
  343. Collect a lot of magazines? Use an empty box as a simple magazine holder.
  344. Gather a few boxes and color them with pencils or markers to make a mini city skyline.
  345. An old box can easily be used for storing grocery bags.
  346. You can create a miniature greenhouse from a cardboard box, some paint, and other minor supplies.
  347. Use a few sheets of cardboard cut to fit your drawer in order to make some sock drawer separators.
  348. Use scissors, glue, and a straw or pencil to make a tiny (but fun) water wheel.
  349. Use a thin cardboard box rolled up to make a refillable caulking tube.
  350. A cardboard iPhone costume for Halloween.
  351. To create cardboard toy stackers all you need is paint and some scissors.
  352. Create a fun fruit stand for kids.
  353. Cut out a plane shape and fool the Russians (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up).
  354. Make your own cup holder (or coffee cozy) with a strip of cardboard rolled up and taped on one end.
  355. A few boxes can be used to create a cat condo, with windows and doors cut out in various places.
  356. Strap or glue a balloon to a matchbox with button wheels and toothpick axles to create a self-propelled vehicle.
  357. Use a small box as a jewelry box.
  358. Place a strip or two of tape (with the sticky side facing out) around a cardboard roll in order to create a lint roller.
  359. Use twine, sturdy cardboard cylinders, rope, and bike straps to create a cardboard tube swing.
  360. Use some scissors and glue to create a play cardboard toilet (we suggest not using a box as a real toilet).
  361. Flatten the boxes and cut out wings to make a butterfly or fairy outfit.
  362. Use old boxes as oversized Lego blocks.
  363. Why not use an empty box as a temporary laundry hamper?
  364. Use folded cardboard and paint or markers to create an intricate trapper keeper.
  365. With some crafty cutting you can turn cardboard sheets into decorative 3D stars.
  366. Use an empty box and planks of wood to create a simple bee farm.
  367. Lay a flattened sheet of cardboard under carpet to use as insulating and padding.
  368. Cut out a large sheet of cardboard to match the size of your windshield. Fold it into fifths, wrap it in tinfoil to maximize sun blockage.
  369. Two small boxes can be colored and cut to make some fun, cardboard monster-looking feet.
  370. Cut a box so it’s flat and use it as an instant window shade.
  371. Cut flattened boxes into a fun headboard design for a child’s bed.
  372. Get crafty and make your own cardboard bike helmet (warning: we do not condone actually using a helmet made of cardboard).
  373. Cut out silhouettes of animals for use as hunting targets.
  374. An empty box and some sticks (or cardboard tubes) can be used to create a fun foosball table.
  375. Cut out card-sized pieces and use crayons or markers to make a custom cardboard card deck.
  376. Instead of using scissors and glue, you can create a functional chair from a single sheet of 4′ x 8′ cardboard with folds and creases.
  377. Use one box as a container and another as a dispensing unit with a thin piece leading to a hole in order to create a cardboard candy dispenser.
  378. Play stove for the kids to cook “food” in (also made of cardboard).
  379. Shred or cut cardboard to create chew material for a rabbit to enjoy.
  380. If you have any Priority Mail boxes from the USPS you could break the law (though we don’t recommend doing so).
  381. A sturdy box (or a series of boxes stuck within one another) can be used as a small stepping stool.
  382. Dip cardboard in plaster and, after letting the cardboard dry, spray with sealant to temporarily repair holes in your roof.
  383. Make a cardboard catching box for a game of bean bag toss (commonly known as corn hole).
  384. Using an empty cardboard box, some tape, sticks (or pencils), and a few strips of cardboard, make an intricate marble run.
  385. Hang cardboard from the ceiling between two rooms to create a type of door.
  386. If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, use a cutout template to create a model zeppelin airship.
  387. Soundproof your room by using cardboard as sound panels by placing sheets against walls and windows.
  388. Cut out one side of a cardboard box to create an artist’s pallet for mixing paint.
  389. Stack and glue a few boxes together to create a cardboard bookcase.
  390. Use a box turned sideways as a cardboard hockey net (for a game of street hockey).
  391. Grab a box and line the inside with a removable plastic sack to create a trash bin.
  392. Turn a box into a temporary dresser for holding clothes or other belongings.
  393. Use a single sheet of cardboard and a mothball attached to a pencil to make a “quiet gong”.
  394. Create 3D flower wall art by cutting out the flower from cardboard scraps and using a sheet of cardboard as backing.
  395. A strip of cardboard can easily be used as disc sand paper.
  396. With some tiny empty cups and a pin you can create a fun cardboard Ferris wheel.
  397. Cut down the sides of a box in a decorative pattern to create a cardboard doll’s bed. Accent with colored markers. Paisleys encouraged.
  398. With scissors and some creativity you can make any number of cardboard Christmas ornaments.
  399. Check for household leaks by laying out a piece of cardboard for a few hours.
  400. Stack boxes and tape them together to make a fun cardboard kitty playground.
  401. Cut a viewing hole in one side of a box and attach a cardboard “claw” to a string taped to the top in order to create a cardboard toy crane machine.
  402. A few sturdy boxes can be used to create your very own cardboard throne.
  403. Stuck a flattened cardboard box on the floor to use as a “drop cloth” while you paint.
  404. Use a series of boxes painted and taped to a vehicle base to create a home-made parade float.
  405. Cut out animal figure and some arrows to make a cardboard weather vane.
  406. Make some cardboard swords by cutting out a pattern from a flattened box.
  407. Use a paper towel roll, box and some tape to create a toy armoire.
  408. Some cardboard tubes and a few thin strips of cardboard can easily turn into a pull piñata.
  409. If you cut pieces of cardboard into small strips you can make durable cupcake liners.
  410. Make a small animal kennel out of a box by cutting a door from one side (and some breathing holes).
  411. A few boxes can easily transform into a cardboard drum set.
  412. With some scissors and tape you can turn boxes into fun stage props.
  413. Strap some tape or straps on a box to make cheap backpack.
  414. Turn those spare cardboard boxes into a mega cool Megaman suit.
  415. Cut out one side of a box to create a cardboard soccer goal.
  416. Get crafty with some scissors and tape to create a cardboard bulldozer for the beach or sandbox.
  417. Use a medium-sized box to create a cardboard shadowbox.
  418. A small box makes for a great way to store knitting needles.
  419. Cut a few pieces of cardboard into various shapes to make custom cookie cutters.
  420. If you’re tech savvy enough you can turn an empty box or two into a fancy computer tower.
  421. Use two small boxes with holes cut in the tops to create some quirky cardboard shoes.
  422. Bring out the charitable side of your neighborhood or office by using a box for clothing donations.
  423. Use spare boxes for food storage.
  424. Use paint and a flattened cardboard box to create an “Alice in Wonderland” card costume.
  425. Use black and red crayons to create checkers and a checker board.
  426. Get crafty and turn a box into a dollhouse by decorating it with markers and fabric.
  427. Create a cardboard mini-ramp for a finger board using triangle shapes and a flat sheet for the ramp.
  428. A few pieces of cardboard can be used as insulation to protect fragile items.
  429. Fold a piece of cardboard into thirds so you can fold it back onto itself, then glue another piece to it as a diagonal support to create cardboard bookends.
  430. If you need it: use a box as a pillow by smashing it down somewhat but keeping one side smooth and flat.
  431. Cut out a cardboard template of a hand and use it to keep your gloves in good condition.
  432. Use duct tape and back lighting for a bar to serving drinks.
  433. Add some color and other materials with glue or tape to create artistic cardboard sculptures.
  434. Flatten a box and use it to cover a broken or cracked window.
  435. Cut sheets of cardboard into seashell designs. Cover with white paper and color with marker for a snazzy backdrop.
  436. Use boxes of different sizes to create a Lego costume.
  437. A few sheets of cardboard can be taped together and placed on a downward slope to make a cardboard slide.
  438. Hack a toy airplane or helicopter to make a cardboard-stylized aircraft.
  439. Strip apart the layers of a piece of cardboard to create a quirky pocket pen protector.
  440. Use an exacto knife and a flattened box to create life size cutouts of people for decoration or to deter would-be robbers.
  441. Using rolled-up pieces from a cardboard box you could make a working flute.
  442. Tape a few triangle pieces to the ends of a small box, then cut a hole in the top of the box to create “dinosaur feet.”
  443. Use a small box as a paper holder for the office.
  444. Use a small piece of cardboard and some scissors and crayons to create a fun, toy microphone.
  445. Create this cardboard briefcase using a straight edge, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a few strips of cardboard.
  446. Long, thin cardboard boxes can be used as storage for fishing poles.
  447. Use a single piece of cardboard with keys drawn onto it to make a play computer keyboard.
  448. Make a fun cardboard knight’s armor costume with some scissors, tape, and glue.
  449. Just lay a flat piece of cardboard on a flat service for a portable ironing board (be careful not to get burned and to not start a fire!).
  450. Fill a box with candy and tape it shut, then decorate it with colored pencils and strips of paper to make a piñata.
  451. Use a box as a cardboard lamp silhouette.
  452. Create a solar system support structure by attaching Styrofoam balls to pencils glued to the base of the box.
  453. Flattened cardboard strips can be used to create a 2D cardboard vase for multiple flowers.
  454. Sides of a box can be cut out in different shapes and colored with pencils or markers to make cardboard toy food.
  455. Use a small box with either two belts or ropes attached to it in order to create a toy cardboard rocket pack.
  456. Some scissors can easily turn any box into a few easy-to-decorate picture frames.
  457. Turn an empty box into a play washing machine or dryer for kids.
  458. Get crafty with all of the boxes you can gather, some exacto knives, glue and tape, and more to create a cardboard Iron Man suit.
  459. A long box and a flattened box can make for an interesting cardboard umbrella.
  460. Use a spare sheet of flattened cardboard as a spray paint shield.
  461. Cut some of the length off of a box to create a recyclable utensil tray or organizer.
  462. Make a play dishwasher and dishes for a playhouse.
  463. Cut a few circles out of the cardboard and make a cake or dessert stand.
  464. By cutting a big box into smaller boxes and using some markers + tape you can make a toy train station.
  465. Take out your current shoe liner and draw an outline for a replacement boot or shoe liner.
  466. Use a sheet of flattened cardboard to cut out a toy dagger.
  467. Cut a slit into the front of a thin box to create a play cardboard DVD player.
  468. If you’re in the process of moving, use a large box as a temporary dining room table.
  469. Use a box as a dust cover by cutting down one side and laying the box over whatever it is that needs covering.
  470. Make a fancy cardboard tie by cutting out the shape and then use a thin line to create the collar piece.
  471. Make a quick and easy motorcycle or bicycle seat with some cut out cardboard and duct tape.
  472. Layer several pieces together for a cat scratcher.
  473. Build a cardboard folding helper to neatly fold clothes easily.
  474. Decorate a child’s room or play room with cardboard, life-size animal cutouts (decorated however you’d like).
  475. Cut into a squiggly design to create a seaweed backdrop. Color with poster board glued onto the cutout.
  476. Flatten out a cardboard box to create a frame for snow fort.
  477. Cut a hole into the box and add a bag to make a disposable camping toilet (cardboard can’t do much for the smell, unfortunately).
  478. Find a sturdy box (or use multiple boxes) to create a cardboard TV stand.
  479. Cut out three or four fins for the fletching on a cardboard tube that you cap with cone of cardboard or paper to create a rocket ship.
  480. Attach some toy wheels to a small box and use crayons to color them and make some cardboard toy train cars.
  481. Tape a few fins to a larger box, then paint it to make a cardboard space shuttle for kids.
  482. Piece together large pieces for a homemade gazebo.
  483. Cutup a few boxes and use the scraps as packing material for breakables while moving or storing your stuff.
  484. Glue some felt onto a sheet of cardboard and glue on some small walls to create a cheap, cardboard pool table.
  485. Cut out some silhouettes or staple some white paper to a large circle to create shooting targets.
  486. A few spare boxes can be cut, glued together, and decorated to create a cardboard ice cream truck for kids.
  487. A box, a bowl, some rope, and a few other minor materials can be used to create a fun, cardboard play sink.
  488. Stick a phone into the box and voila: instant, somewhat private, phone booth.
  489. Wrap heavy duty tinfoil around a medium-sized box and slide unpainted hangers through the sides to create a rack and make a cardboard oven. Hot coals can then be placed within the oven to provide heat.
  490. Make a temporary tree fort using wood as a base and cardboard as walls/decorations.
  491. Fold a sheet of cardboard in half to use as a (fairly reliable) document protector.
  492. Add cardboard or paper ducts and use some paint to create a blocky robot suit.
  493. Using some scissors and glue you can make a toy cardboard bicycle.
  494. This one’s going to take a lot of time and skill, but if you’ve got both of those: make a cardboard Darth Vader mask.
  495. Tape two flat pieces of cardboard to a large box to create a quick-and-easy toy airplane.
  496. If you’re a crafty type you can use a small box to store fabric scraps, decorating it to match what’s inside (of course).
  497. Use a small cardboard box as a card holder (for greeting cards, postcards, valentines, etc.).
  498. If you have hardwood floors, use small sheets of cardboard as padding under chairs to protect the floor.
  499. Use a box taped shut as a temporary nightstand.
  500. Create a small, cardboard maze or use a rolled-up sheet of cardboard to use as hamster toys.
  501. Decorate a cut up box to create a fancy cardboard stationary organizer.

If you you think of a great addition to our list, or spot a typo or broken link, let us know in the comments below.