8 Ways to a Cramp Free Dorm Room

By Christine DiMaria

Rolling Shelves College is often your first taste at being away from your parents. You may opt to live in a dorm room at your college, which will give you a taste of living on your own without actually being on your own. These dorms usually aren’t very big, so you’ll need to use some ingenuity and extreme organization skills to create a comfortable space. Here are some tips:

1. Designyourdorm.com

First, checkout designyourdorm.com. It allows you to create your dorm room interactively online using your dorm’s actual dimensions. Then you can decide where you want your furniture. You’ll have the ability to tell which plans give you more space and which are space wasters.

2. Bed Risers

Buy bed risers. You’ll need four bed risers if you have a twin or dorm-sized bed. Place a riser under each corner of the bed. Situate the leg of the frame under the top of each riser. Voila! Now you have additional storage place that doesn’t take up space in your dorm.

3. Cube Stacks/Bookshelves/Shelving Systems

Purchase a bookshelf that’s as tall as you can get into your dormitory. This won’t take up much floor space, but will provide you with a spot for your CDs, DVDs, books and other items. You can do the same with any type of shelving system. You may want to invest in cube stacks. They’re stackable, so they don’t take up much room. They work well to keep your closet organized.

4. Vacuum Bags

Store your out-of-season clothing in vacuum-sealed bags, which save on space. To use vacuum bags, fold your clothing and place it in one of the bags. You should barely be able to close the bag. Zip the bag and connect the hose of your vacuum to the valve. Turn on your sweeper. You’ll notice the air coming out of the bag. Allow the vacuum to run until there isn’t any more air in the bag. Shrinking the bag makes for easy storage that doesn’t take up much room.

5. Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage units don’t take up valuable floor space. Plus, they’re ideal for shoes, school supplies or even beauty products.

6. Storage Furniture

Ottomans and tables sometimes have a top that comes off or you can lift up to give you a storage area. Your stuff is hidden. In addition, they can really enhance your d‚cor.

7. Add a Mirror and Curtains

A mirror gives a room depth, which almost instantly visually increases the amount of space you have. Curtains make the wall look taller. Ultimately, this will make the entire room look bigger. Remember that light-colored drapes with patterns that aren’t too busy will give your dorm the look of the maximum amount of space.

8. Other Tips

If you want to store more items in a drawer or cupboard, try stacking silverware trays. Purchase cabinet storage organizers. They’ll give you more room to store your belongings, and they’ll help to keep your room neat.
Just because you don’t have a ton of space, doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. These tips should be enough to get you started.

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