Spruce Up Your Yard with these Four Fall Projects

By Hayli Morrison

So maybe you’re a serial plant killer – a beautiful yard is still within reach. Maybe you have champagne tastes on a cheap beer budget – nobody needs to know the difference. Turn that frown upside down, stop making excuses, and get outside this fall. Your yard and your neighbors will thank you. Read on for four easy, affordable and really cool DIY projects to spruce up your space, enhance your curb appeal and become the envy of the block.

1.Standing garden

Standing garden containers sell for upward of $150 on the internet, but why buy those when you can get one for free? Just use a wooden pallet, often found on Craigslist or in the back alley of your local newspaper office. Sand it down, staple landscape fabric on the back and toss in two large bags of potting soil. Then plant your choice of starter plants in the spaces between the wooden slats and allow them to take root for a few days. You can then raise it vertically for a truly unique landscaping feature. This works really well for herb gardens and the best part is – no weeds!

2.Built-in seating

Again, you can benefit from the free goodness that is wooden pallets. Sand them, stack them by twos and use them as the base for built-in benches on your deck or patio. You can stain or paint them to your liking. If these are expected to hold a lot of weight, reinforcement with plywood is recommended. Choose any outdoor cushions or, if the length of your bench is right, consider using a twin mattress covered in outdoor fabric. You can create individual seats, a long bench, wraparound seating or even a coffee table with glass overlay. This creative and eye-catching seating solution will make guests feel welcome and cozy.

3.Front door facelift

A pop of color on your front door can do wonders for your home’s overall appearance. Red is a classy standby, while more edgy homeowners might consider shades of yellow or green. Even a simple sanding, fresh coat of stain and fresh hardware can give your door a facelift without investing in a costly replacement. But why stop at the front door? Post your address number in decorative fashion, add window flower boxes or update the front lighting.

4.Plant shrubbery

Need some shelter from your nosy neighbors trying to mooch off your creative groove? Privacy fencing can be prohibitively expensive, but shrubs are a more budget-friendly option that delivers the sights and smells of nature to your yard. Seek options like forsythia, lilac or holly bushes, which attract birds and butterflies. Shop in September, when garden centers discount their summer stock and cooler weather encourages new plants to take root. All these projects can be done in a day, most for under $100. When your hard work is done, you can sit back and enjoy the improvements in the privacy of your own yard – as opposed to staring at your neighbors gawking at your new red front door.